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Alere Financial Partners, LLC

Alere offers corporate advisory services as well as Investment Banking and M&A solutions. Alere was founded in 2013 with the idea that "Less is More". Rather than being a transactional bank, Alere is committed to seeking out and finding unrecognized value in the small and microcap space. Our specialty is introducing those companies to "Mezzanine" funds. These are funds with longer term vision, but have the flexibility and vision to invest in small, earlier stage companies. These Mezzanine investors are critical to a company’s ability to achieve success executing their business plan and the creation of stability and value in their currency.

From June 2013, thru June, 2015 Alere helped finance three public companies, Alliqua Biomedical Inc (ALQA), Itus Corp., and Metastat Inc. Alere raised in aggregate more then $70 million in equity and $15 million in debt financing, mostly from institutional clients.

Alere Financial Partners, LLC offers securities exclusively through COVA Capital Partners, LLC.

Providing professional corporate finance consulting and funding through institutional and accredited investors and lenders.